Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Feedback on Science Communication Readings

Our class has been assigned to do some readings to better understand how to communicate science efficiently.  One reading that has had an impact on how I will blog is section 2.2 from Investigating Science Communication in the Information Age (Holliman, Whitelegg, et al.).  I found myself thinking of ways that I could engage the public.  How communicating with readers should help them be interested in science.  I am going to try and accomplish this with my blog about geological hazards.  I want the public to care about these hazards.

Section 2.2 mentions that the public understanding of science program did nothing to improve peoples understanding.  The publics education was the same after 10 years of the program.  Researchers analyzed why the program did not have an impact and came up with several ways.  The first one being that the program was too simplistic and used a "deficit model" for the public.  A "deficit model" portrays the public as ignorant of science and not capable of understanding.  Just telling people the facts about science was not the way about getting the public to understand.  The information needed to be related to the public and their opinions should be considered.  Eventhough the public may not be knowledgeable about a specific scientific topic does not mean that they are ignorant of all of science.  

Therefore, I will try to relate my topic with the public so that they have a reason to keep reading.

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