Monday, April 4, 2011

China Maps Active Faults

The Chinese government has announced it launched a campaign to map its country's active faults as a result of the strong earthquakes in Japan and Myanmar.

The reason for this being that earthquakes mostly occur on or near active faults.  China has faults that run tens to thousands of kilometers in length.

The CEA Institute of Geophysics has said that China is working on a new seismic map which would mark the different regions by the risk of a quake.  They have said the map will be finished this year.  Based on this new map, the government will have specific requirements for buildings and other facilities across the country.

You may be wondering if Japan was pursuing mapping their active faults within their own country?  Japan has already mapped the seismic risk of different regions. They are considered to be very well prepared for earthquake activity with codes for buildings and other infrastructure already in place.  However, I still find it quite scary that if an earthquake happens at the country's capital of Tokyo, it will hit one of the most densely populated city in the world.

It is encouraging that China is taking action to be better prepared for earthquakes in their country.

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